Awesome people who we have worked with!

Our Team

Mumu The Lion

CG artist, Comic illustrator

Est Tiger

CG artist

Our lead artist at Momo Fantasy. He is pretty shy so and doesn't speak English. So don't be surprise if he doesn't reply much
(but he wants to!). However, he will be drag to all the convention

Momo Fantasy is going ;p

A young talented artist living far north in Thailand. We have worked with him for many projects. He is the main artist that draw Kai, from Momo Fantasy. Till today, we still have not seen actual face, but we are working hard to achieve that (lol).

Sollyz is a super hard working artist. Sollyz works are best of both worlds, male lover and female lover. She is also quite skill
in 2D live. If you like her style, don't forget to support her via her

patreons :)!

Sollyz Sundyz

CG artist, 2D live

BooBoo ブーブー

CG artist, Comic illustrator

Booboo is energetic female artist who also live in the far north in Thailand. Her comic works really stand out and she has worked with Japanese before. Despite all these, she likes to call herself as "Him" for some reason! 


CG artist,

A young timid artist. He doesn't like to color his works but he can do it quite well!! (as you can see). He loves drawing character with some belly. Although he is great with lead body style too. He is the main artist that draw Gale in Momo Fantasy.


CG artist, Comic illustrator

Not only his arts are mostly muscular, he is also pretty buff in real life! His comic illustration skill are second to none. Though he doesn't draw as much because he is busy with his jobs. Don't forget to check him out!

Momo Fantasy is a studio base in Thailand. We gather and work with various certified local artists and create quality merchandises for their fans while empowering each of our artist's name. T-shirts and prints are our main products. We strive to expand and support local artists name and furry community in Thailand via the original comic story of "Momo Fantasy". We created many projects and event that included our artists and furry community involvement such as, Comic works, Monthly commission, Momo PlayGinmochi Artbook
and Paradise Brunch (furry/doujin convention). We do travel around locally and internationally to open
circle quite often. Say hi if you see us ^w^

Our current aim is to create a bigger furry community in Thailand
and be a furry community hub in the region. 


We also available for outsource digital painting job. Please contact us if you have any request.
If you're an artist and want to join our family, be sure to contact us as well :)

What is Momo Fantasy?