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Momo patch : February 2018

February 13, 2018

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A new merchandise website

January 22, 2018


Helloooooo everyone.

Momo knows everyone probably thinking "It's almost February, you're too late Momo!" and right! Momo is very late for this TwT.... So many things Momo been doing after new year. Like for example, Momo open a new merchandise website at ETSY!!!!

Momo thinks Etsy will answer the need of many friends right now. Etsy is much faster, more international and accept more payment method. It took Momo sometime to understand how etsy works. You can now visit Momo's Etsy instead of Momo's Gumroad if you prefer!! Momo's Etsy will only consist of Momo Fantasy items at the moment. There will not be Mumu's artpack in there! If you're looking for Mumu's artpack, you can get them in Gumroad.



                    >>>     Momo's ETSYhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/MomoFantasyShop <<<
                                         Momo's GUMROADhttps://gumroad.com/momofantasy



Also like Momo promised (many people) that Momo will restock all of the old T-shirt with all the sizes. So here we go, Momo keep Momo promised. T-shirt below are restocked with size M, L , XL  and XXL!!!



To make it even more thankful for the wait. You will get 10% discount on every purchase in ETSY with using offering code "momofantasy". You can use it from today until end of January!! 


Momo hopes this helps. Momo will try to improve more and more in this 2018!!!
Good luck and have fun! 


P.S - There won't be comic for a while. Momo adventure from now on will be in Visual Novel format. Looking forward to show everyone soon (hopefully!)




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